Lonnie Lyle has no time for Gold Diggers in new single “I’m Broke Baby” @lonnie_lyle

When you become successful at anything in life, a lot of people are watching your moves and want to be a part of the success. In the music business when you get to the finish line of the struggle, success and popularity come fast. What follows behind that besides haters are groupies and gold diggers.

East Point, GA artist Lonnie Lyle has seen success and the gold diggers that come with it. His new single “I’m Broke Baby” talks about how ladies who want nothing but your money look to slide in your DM’s, take advantage of your kindness and want you to spend the bag all on them.

If You are looking for the bag in your cash app, well “I’m Broke Baby” is the only answer you get. Lonnie Lyle hit the nail in the coffin with this single and highlights exactly what being thirsty is this business looks like. The official video now available on Instagram will tell the story exactly how it should be told.

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