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Filmmaker and sound engineer drops his own unique
sound with new single ‘Complete’

DAYTON, OH – It’s cool for a guy to be vulnerable and share their own life experiences and talk about getting hurt. That’s what Ohio artist Lon6z says, anyway, and he’s hoping to pass that message on to other men through his groundbreaking new sound and style – a mishmash of new-school rap and old-school R&B that incorporates his own melodic vocals.

Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Lon6z started in the industry as a filmmaker – graduated from Bowling Green State University with a bachelor’s degree in film production and eventually transitioning into sound engineering. Working for other musicians and filmmakers over the years, he has developed a unique vocal sound – one that he has tapped into to create original music. His style utilizes a combination of rap, hip-hop and R&B that incorporates other genres such as reggae and pop. This unique sound is front and center on his new mixtape, “In MY Feelings,” as well as his follow-up single, “Complete.”

“My production is A1 and my style is unique because of my content,” he said. ‘But the real difference with my music is me stories and the content I put out. I get real vulnerable to God and to men, and there’s always a story about a female the majority of the time. What I really want to show other people is that I have no secrets. I have nothing to hide from the world. It’s cool for a guy to be vulnerable and share their own life experiences and talk about getting hurt and their way of hustling and getting money. No matter if your hustle is selling drugs or making music or making other people sound good – you can fall victim to getting your heart broken by a girl.”

“Complete” is a single that talks exactly about that. Lon6z is currently in the middle of shooting the music video for the song, and as a filmmaker he’s approaching the project with extreme detail – from storyboards for every shot to fine-tuned sound and editing. The concept is to make every shot in the video into a meme.

“I want to show that you can campaign with different types of memes,” he said. ‘I’m going to use funny people in the video, like Retro Spectro. But at the end of the day it’s a song about a female. A guy is trying to get with a girl who’s the sister of a friend. That’s the theme I’m going for. It’s upbeat and fun.”

Lon6z said he hopes people will appreciate the detail and expertise he brings to his music. With aspirations of being a premier sound engineer within the music industry, he has developed an ear to create top-quality production. He said that through his various trials and tribulations over the years, he has been able to create great vibes with emotional lyrics and a reality-based archive of music that he knows nearly anyone will be able to relate to.

“Everything that is created is not meant to be liked by everyone,” he said. “But everything that is created should hold a message of value.”

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