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In “Who You Think You Are” Last Chantz gives us inside view on all the fake talk in the rap game. He’s still making moves on the block and abides by the old codes of the street, doing work in silence with his crew. He doesn’t give precedence to no one.”Tell me who I ain’t better than when I’m in this booth, I miss the times when the rapper was actually telling truth” is just one of many lines that speak to the heart on a track that’s full of punchlines and kicking a lot of street smarts. It’s all amped up by a flow that’s both dynamic and cohesive. Lines like ”If I touch a Milly my n***a, that’s world dominance, you go and get a check you spend it all on designer s**t” coming from a hood rapper talk about a conscious mind. Joined with heavy lines Last Chantz delivers on a steady basis will get him going places.

He’s not the one to shy away from taking shots at anyone, he definitely knows his way around the block and that’s where rap music revolves around. He’s tried the honest route and while being a follower doesn’t suit him, he’s learned to value his time even while hustlin’. The energy, quick-wit, and composition speak miles about how you don’t want to get in his way, and he’s aiming at the top. That spot is open for someone who’s willing to go the distance and achieve that status. He aims to do it by keeping his mind in the right place.

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