Kidd Suavay proves no matter the circumstances he will deliver “Krazy Way of Thinking” @kiddsuavay

Growing up you don’t know what the future will hold and sometimes you don’t understand the challenges life brings you. You don’t ask for the cards you’re dealt, but you do what it takes to work with the cards you have. Coming from struggling areas the one thing that is consistent is the need to survive and survive by any means necessary. The question is what happens when the need to survive puts you in prison and you have to find a way to push forward.

Kidd Suavay is one who can answer that question for you. Growing up in Savannah Georgia he ran into situations that had him wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Feelings of not being fairly tried due to false testimony left him a victim to unexpected circumstances. That by itself can put you down but Kidd Suavay didn’t allow that to happen.

Knowing that music is his passion, he found a way to record music and release it all while being incarcerated. Dropping projects like Still Krazy 1 and 2, Kalm of my Khaos and his most recent project “Krazy Way of Thinking”, Kidd Suavay defines grynd in more ways than one.

His daily motivation is his son, a couple of Tony Robbins books like “Unlimited Power” and of course his family that keeps him focused on his goal. When you want something bad enough, nothing not even Incarceration will stop you from achieving it. Life will present you obstacles, it’s up to you how you use those to your advantage. I guess for Kidd Suavay that’s the “Krazy Way of Thinking”.

The Latest release “Krazy Way of Thinking” gives you 10 songs straight from the inside. 4 years may not sound long to someone living a life of freedom, but 4 years is long enough for anyone Incarcerated. Tune into the life of Kidd Suavay now.

“Krazy Way of Thinking” Now available on all digital platforms and featured on the Front Page of My Mixtapez.

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