Jurassic 5 member AkilTheMC preaches #BlackLivesMatter and supports abuse of black women @AkilTheMC @jurassic5


It is very sad when you find out a persons true colors especially when its one of your favorite celebrities that you grew up listening to on the radio. You praise them for their wise words and hang on to their every bit of wisdom only to find out they are a fraud who supports the abuse of women including emotionally and mentally abusing and cheating on his own wife for 21 years.  The black family is something that doesn’t have very many positive images besides the Obama family.  Which makes this situation so sad is that Akil Talib of Jurassic 5 is a Muslim.  How dare he sit on a platform and preach to the masses while single handedly destroy the life of his children his future grandchildren and deceive so many people who have been loyal fans and supporters of him for over a decade.

Akil Talib was exposed in an article via HipHoponDeck.com last year that was deleted but I saved the screen shots where his wife had admitted that Akil had been mentally and emotionally abusing her. She also confessed that he had been cheating on her since before they were married. Akil Talibs Facebook Page is full of “Black Lives Matter” support and statement about how blacks need to respect each other and we should all focus on peace and forgiveness.  Let’s call a spade a spade. This man is not someone who should be praised.  Cheating on your wife for 21 years, teaching your children ( the males ) that women are below them and encouraging the abuse of women is who he really is. The term is “Sociopath”  How can you sit so high on your platform

Below is a conversation his wife Fatimah Talib had via her Facebook page expressing the mistreatment she has received at that time in 2014 it was 21 years.  Check out the photos and decide for yourself is this man worthy of such high praise? Should he be held accountable for the people he has wronged?


To make matters worse Akil Talib has a son name Qaasim Givens who many would like to believe is a good humble person but somehow ended up in the media for stealing from a well-known media content curator.  He is not humble at all he is also a user and an abuser and a well-known drug addict.  I think a man such as Akil Talib would find this concerning but then again when you search his Facebook page you only see him publicly acknowledge his younger son… I wonder why that is?  Still good men usually raise good children. Most boys want to be just like their dads…

I say if you are gonna be a man of god be a man of god. Do what is right.  Do not support the abuse of women and then tell your fans to stand with Black Lives Matter.  This man does not deserve praise. He deserves to be exposed for the sociopath he is and the legacy of abusive men he is raising.

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