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West Coast artist Jhamasa explores spirituality with new EP ‘11:11’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Twice a day there’s a special time that shows up on the clock that people who study numerology and Astrology know indicates a potential spiritual awakening. That time  is 11:11, and it’s the focus of a new EP coming from West Coast musician Jhamasa.

Los-Angeles-based Jhamasa Noel Lewis-Adams is a fast-rising artist who first got her spark while attending the Black Eyed Pea’s “Peace4Kids Peapod Music and Arts Academy,” located in the Boys and Girls Club in Watts, California. That was where she first felt empowered to chase her dream of becoming a professional musician, and she eventually went on to attend Brentwood College Preparatory School and then on to college, studying new art mediums. She graduated from Jackson State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Entrepreneurship and a minor in photography.

Instead of diving straight into music, she moved to the South and worked for some years,
earning money that she would eventually use to fund her dream. Eventually she moved back to California where for the past five years she has focused on the community in the areas of health and nutrition, financial literacy, progressive education and professional development. And, of course, she’s been fine-tuning her unique sound and style.

That all comes full circle with her new EP, “11:11,” which is set to drop on Nov. 13… It’s a neo- soul album mixed with a little bit of hip-hop, with lyrics that explore spirituality and the deeper meanings of life.

“As a culture and society there are a lot of people looking into spirituality and seeking a spiritual awakening,” Jhamasa said. “I started seeing that number a lot and it awakened me to things I need to change and some personality stuff in my own life. So for me when you start to see those numbers every time you look at a clock, it means you’re on your way to a spiritual  awakening. With this album, I feel like I bring the perfect mix of West Coast and Southern music. A lot of how I decide to say things – certain words and the way I enunciate – come from my Southern experience. I also talk about a lot of vulnerable things that you wouldn’t in music very much these days. And I’m smart and know a lot of big words and can incorporate them into my music.”

Two singles from the EP have already been released and are getting some good attention from fans. “Beautiful Day” is a melodic, peaceful and uplifting track that was inspired by the death of Jhamasa’s sister after losing a battle to cancer. The song explores the cyclical nature of life, and uncovers the beauty that can even come in the midst of death. A music video for the song is also available on Jhamasa’s YouTube channel.

The second single is “Every Single Flaw,” and it’s a song that is a little bit more experimental
with an R&B and neo-soul sound, with a backbone of an ambient techno vibe. It’s a song about a person who realizes they can’t be open to love from someone else until they’ve learned to love themselves first. A music video for this song is set to drop by the end of November as a follow-up to the full EP release.

Jhamasa said she’s also hard at work on a new project called “Neon Soul,” which she’d like to
release sometime early next year.

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