Jersey’s own Josvani returns with an anthem ‘Who U With”. As a mutli-facet musician this finds Josvani in the club asking anyone to pick a team. Josvani says “A lot of my songs have different concepts but the overall concept of my music is directed towards love based situations and how people handle it, how they should have handled it, and some cases where I explained how I handled these situations”. Building a foundation and gaining momentum, Music itself is an inspiration for me says Josvani. Just listening to good music drives me to want to make my own. But What influences me to continue to make music isn’t just the music itself, but the opportunity to show people that their dreams are realistic as long as you believe in yourself. My drive as an artist is to push people to continue to chase their dream because it’s not impossible. As of Right now you can check back to my most Recent Project “Conversations” which is a 5 song EP. It includes Two of the songs “Money Talk” and “Conversations” which have music videos to them as well, Both Videos were shot and directed by Jonass Picasso.

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