Jeanomusic – Biscayne My Lady

Miami artist gets transparent with new music, single
‘Biscayne My Lady’

MIAMI, FL – Through all of the producers, engineers, mixers and other music industry types that Jeano Michel has every worked with, none of them have been able to put a label on him. In fact, none of them have been able to even compare him with any other artist out there. His music is unique. It’s original. It is, quite literally, his own special sound. It is … Jeano’s music.

More than just a stage name or a brand, Jeanomusic is a statement to anyone who hears his music that he is one-of- a-kind and he’s here to leave a lasting mark on the music industry. Raised in Miami, Jeanomusic’s rugged exterior gives way to a free-spirited, creative energy that emanates from his songbird voice. Over the past 10 years he’s been combining smooth instrumentals with R&B vocals and a Nuevo-pop feel that is transporting listeners on a musical odyssey of love, heartbreak and redemption.

“I’ve been in the industry for a long time and it took pain and hardship for me to really find myself as an artist,” he said. “It used to be that I would write music off of other people’s lives and stories. If you had asked me two years ago, I couldn’t have told you what inspired me to write. I would just come up with anything. But now I feel like I’ve found myself and that my music comes from a real place. A lot of people can relate to it. And more than anything I’m not afraid to be myself. Art is all about expressing yourself, and I refuse to be put in a box.”

His new single, “Biscayne My Lady,” is a perfect example of the unique sound he has discovered when he lets himself be transparent and free with his writing. Inspired by a past relationship with his ex, it’s a song that explores the emotions that a person goes through when they discover their loved one is being unfaithful.

“We were together for about seven years before it fell apart,” Jeanomusic said. “The reason it fell apart is that we grew apart, but also I had a suspicion of her cheating on me. So in the song I’m naming all the popular, well-known areas in Miami wondering if she could be in any of those places. I talk about staying up late and worrying and wondering where she is.”

Jeanomusic said the song is laid back with the kind of vibe that would go over well in a lounge or a club. He calls it “wavy,” with an original blend of 2018 influences mixed with 1980s sounds. That fusion of genres and eras is a prime example of the type of music that he wants to make.

“I love all genres, and I just love art, period,” he said. “I’m a free spirit. And at the end of the day I want to be known as a hit maker – someone who makes great music. I could care less if I don’t sell a million platinum albums. I want people to be able to feel what I feel.”

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