Jay Honest distributes Raw Emotion in new single “Different Human”. @iamjayhonest

Music can make you feel things that you would never expect to feel in a normal everyday encounter. Music much like a human has a personality, but this personality has ways to change your mood or guide your vibe. In this case the mood or vibe is pain.

Jay Honest uses his personality to guide him lyrically through the pain he is feeling of losing his brother, best friend, God father to his children. As an artist the easiest way to express yourself is through your craft and when you express it well it drives the energy of the people who absorb it.

Naming his single “Different Human” he takes you through the changes he faces while dealing with unexpected passing’s and emotions while focusing on being a father, a provider, and now a “Different Human”.

Jay Honest is just that “Honest”. Using his numbers in music and social media to prove that there is a lot more talent in Canada then what you currently hear in the industry.

Jay has picked the perfect beat to express his vibe and since everyone has lost someone, its relatable to anyone listening. To understand the struggle is to live through the pain. Surviving the pain makes you a “Different Human”.

Listen to “Different Human” by Jay Honest now on all digital platforms



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