Introducing North Philly artist MeatSpady

North Philadelphia native, MeatSpady is a driven and focused, hip-hop artist who is unwilling to settle for anything less than excellence for himself, and in his artistry! Finding a delicate balance between humility and ego, he has made it clear that he is in competition with no one but himself, and armed with an understanding of his own identity, he is well-equipped, not only to better himself musically and in general,but to leave a memorable and long-lasting impression in the ears and minds of this generation, but the generations to come.

Having over 15 years of experience in music-creation, MeatSpady produces a unique blend of tones and emotions, while recreating and reimagining the approaches an deliveries of some of his musical inspirations such as, Nas, Eminem, Sade, and Lupe Fiasco, to name a few! His hard work and dedication has earned his most recent album, “The Same Kind of Different” a debut spot on the Billboard, “Top Current Album” chart, as well as on the “Emerging Artist” chart.

Over the course of the rest year, you can expect to see and hear more releases from MeatSpady as well opportunities to connect with him as he builds a platform, from which other aspiring artists are able to expose themselves and their music to a wider and more diverse audience. It’s clear we have much to look forward to from this artist, and he has every intention of delivering, while keeping his character and integrity!

He would like to publicly thank all the featured artists and producers who helped him complete and promote this body of work, and his listeners and followers for always showing their love and support for his releases. Be sure to follow MeatSpady on all of his Social Media Platforms, and keep up to date on when and where he will be performing and releasing music! Don’t miss the flight because he is about to takeoff!

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