In the Middle of Covid 19 Grizz Bunyan still keeps it Raw with Single La Da Da @grizzdse

When the streets want heat, they demand nothing but the real and official. When it’s time to be raw, the streets call it Hunting season.

Grizz Bunyan represents the streets of North Carolina. Teaming up with Producer D. Chisolm and artist Yo Sam they go for hard beats and Raw lyrics. when you talk that talk you need the right instrumental.

Hate is consistent, Envy follows, and Doubters will continue to speak negativity. Grizz Bunyan not about to hold back. He knows the snakes; he knows the talkers which is why La Da Da is the perfect name for this single.

Keeping it 100 is rare in a world of jealousy, Grizz is not about to let it determine his future. Lyrically he delivers blow for blow.

Listen to La Da Da by Grizz Bunyan feat Yo Sam available on all digital platforms

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