Ibeverlasting – Hold On

Legend-in-the-making aims to create music that will be everlasting

NEW ORLEANS, LA – There are certain musical legends whose music stands the test of time. Long after they’ve departed from this earth, their songs are still leaving an impact on culture and inspiring people all over the globe. Demetrius Conley aspires to be one of those artists. In fact, he’s hoping to proclaim that level of success over himself by adopting the stage name Ibeverlasting. It’s a name that means exactly what it says: his music will never die. It will never tarnish.

“If you die, are you still breathing,” he asked. “We don’t know. Is breath everlasting? I don’t know. But I’ll be everlasting. How? With my music. There are people dead today who’s music is still playing. They’re everlasting. And when you hear my music you’ll think, ‘This kid has got something.’”

His most recent submission to the world is an R&B song called “Hold On.” It’s a song that questions what it takes to be committed in a relationship and explores all the various ways that a couple tests one another in their resolve and commitment.

“Is she willing to hold on for you while you do what you gotta do?” Ibeverlasting said. “If she loves you, she’ll wait for you – right? So this song talks about the romantic things involved with going through the motions of trying to better a relationship. At the end of the music video I end up surprising her by pulling up in front of her house and showing her that I’m there for her and I’ve got her just like she had me.”

The single is the first off an upcoming EP that he hopes to drop this summer. He’ll be traveling to Los Angeles in late May to work on more music videos and complete the project, and he said fans can expect to see new music from him not long after that. The EP will explore a variety of sounds and styles that he hopes to showcase throughout his career, as well as tell stories from his life – the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, and all the moments in between.

The EP will also showcase his own unique sound and style – something he says is “different, creative, versatile, confident, unique and strong-voiced.”

“In everything I do you’ll feel what I’m saying and where I’m coming from,” he said. “I’m a positive artist. Everything is current. I’m making good music and I’m delivering messages that inspire people to see that we’re all equal, we just have our different niches. I’m bringing a more positive and broader vocabulary. I’m ot just making music that you play in a club to get turnt up. I’m making music that you can listen to anywhere – music that when you sit down and try to get through something in life, it’ll help you through that situation. Energy is everything. You can feel energy from different people, and I can express how I feel better in my music than any
other way.”

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