Get it Straight’-Handsome Balla will ‘Love Her Anyway’ by Tilsa Wright @TILSAWRIGHT

Get it Straight’-Handsome Balla will ‘Love Her Anyway’ by Tilsa Wright

Handsome Balla is his name and being true to the grind is his game. My rhyme is wacky wack, I know but I ain’t scratching that. Ok so out of nowhere his presence hit me for a home run. No, I am too fat to be J lo and A-hard-Rod. Imagine that! LOL. But he has been brewing in the streets of Brooklyn for a few years. Now thanks to DJ Magic 2017 annual car show, I got a front row view of him and his Zoo Crew. East New York, Brooklyn is where he represents and believe me, Balla has certainly found his niche. Yep, keeping the ladies smiling and moist.

So while at the car show, walking around looking at the exotic vehicles, hot models and hearing loud music from different speakers at the same time. Next year I will definitely walk with my magical earbuds. Just kidding. Anyways I stopped by the live performance stage. Many artist did their best because you all know Dj Magic’s event has given a number of unsigned a serious leg up in the game.

After a very hyped introduction, Handsome Balla gets on stage and sings with emphasis the lyrics to “Love Her Anyway”

Champion Psssy for a winner/She love her Balla so she screaming for Larry O/ I am Michael Phelps when I am in her/ That’s my B**ch I love her anyway.

Just giving you a little taste if you haven’t heard the song. In my opinion, this song has an endless life span. I mean, couples will break, chairs or table’s legs, headboards and mattress covers stock value will surely rise. Hey, just saying. Balla’s hit single takes you there, like seriously.

I took about 6-8 hours or even more researching Handsome Balla’s foot prints on youtube and on social media the following day. He is very confident and not cocky, paces himself strategically, loyal to Brooklyn like sand on the beach and believes in his gift. What I did loved hearing, was that his mother is fan number 1, who happens to be a nurse and promoted his CD’s at her job. I respect her for this. ‘Go mama Queen you rock!”

Let me just shout out Terrell Blair and Hynaken for conducting a great interview with the Balla. I got a portion of my research material from your platforms. Yeah man, Balla told Terrell that ‘Strung Out’ is his favorite song on his Baller Alert mixtape. I took a listen, the intro is live bedroom bully style!

Go ahead and follow him on Instagram @handsome__balla (and that’s double underscore).