Haddy Racks: One of New York’s Finest Lyricists! @haddyracks Written by @tilsawright

“Dearly beloved, March 2016 we witness the commitment from supporter Tilsa Wright on Instagram; to always use her TD Bank debit card and stand by Rapper Haddy Racks career moving forward. With the power vested in me by podcast Heroes Headquarters, I now give this forever Brooklyn at heart young lady a Bronx pass card!” LOL! Very melodramatic introduction right? Nope, just being sincere. It’s no secret I admire his grind and wish him all the best. Haddy is good peeps.

To write how I feel about each artist, I take time out to listen to their projects repeatedly. Haddy’s debut album Resume’ was released June 2016 and had tremendous reception from fans and industry watchmen. This album has messages of truth and one aspect of family life that affects our inner city. Which brings me to track number 2, My Lil Man that bells Haddy’s pain and frustration with his son’s mother. Yeah you know how some women get down; the whole ransom because of the Break Ups.

One of the stigmatism which the One Million Men March addressed and encouraged, that men should stand up and be accountable! To in fact see positive images of fathers in the hood actually doing this, speaks volume that our black men are in truth MEN! Point blank the destroyers doesn’t want us to recognize and celebrate this, only the negativity. They see us having Pyrex Dreams and killing each other for them brinks. Streets No More is what 90 percent of the men in the hood are focused on, street life is risky and as I would say. “Wall time is death time!”

Haddy’s overall body of work prior to Resume’ and post, is lyrically well written, you know, no commercial advertisement. Haddy might be young on paper however he has that old New York sound and does remind me of DMX. Anyways his branding team is a genius. He recently released three volumes of Instagram mixtape or for better description Mixtagram. Yeah you heard me correct and he’s the first artist to do it too.

So before I go, let me share a few updates. There are two singles I purchased on Amazon. Make a Movie with Rapper Bad Lungz from New Jersey and Throw Sut’N produced by D-Block’s Vinny Idol. If you are a serious beat head, you will appreciate Haddy’s selection of beats for his projects. If I’m not mistaken, Lil Man music video is in post-production and should be on Youtube soon. Finally you know what I expect from you, no hesitation. Follow his career and whip out that card because Haddy has music and merchandise!

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