Get to know Florida artist, Gunsmoke

Gunsmoke, a rising hip-hop artist hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, derives his name from one of his favorite Dipset songs, “War.” Although he initially fell in love with music through playing the piano, it was his group of friends and their mutual passion for rap that sparked his interest in creating his own music.
Gunsmoke’s turning point came when he began performing live in front of crowds; the rush he felt from the experience inspired him to pursue it further. He describes his music as a form of therapy, providing an outlet for him to release his creative energy. It also helps him to focus on his life goals and maintain balance in his life.
Gunsmoke’s live shows are a unique experience, drawing his listeners closer and filling them with joy. His infectious energy is felt throughout the crowd, making for a truly unforgettable performance. Currently, Gunsmoke is focused on producing a slew of new singles and his upcoming EP, “Return of the.” Fans eagerly await his next release, and the future looks bright for this talented artist.

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