Get to know Chicago artist, Dee Washington

Let’s meet Dee Washington, a budding new star from Chicago Illinois! Music has always been his life, and from a very young age, Dee began to study and emulate some of the greatest legends to ever grace a studio or a stage, such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce, just to name a few. His drive and intentionality has afforded him some great opportunities, even landing him a much-desired Lollapalooza slot. His music is the sum total of his experiences and influences, without the limitations of a specific genre. Dee Washington prides himself on creating musical experiences that are marinated in versatility, spontaneity and spirituality, allowing the music itself to almost become its own entity. When asked to describe his music he replied, ” I feel that every song that I’ve written and every sound I have used, was already created in Heaven, and God blessed me with them. It’s my duty to showcase the gift.” Listeners should be on the lookout for single releases, live performances and eventually a full album entitled “Golden” from Dee in 2023, as he continues to make timeless music for the masses

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