Garten – Blood To Spare

Garten to Release EP “Fixation” Just in Time for Summer

ROCHESTER, NY – Life can throw so many things at you at once. Whether it’s love, light or loss, life comes with its ups and downs every single day. RnB/Pop artist Garten knows this all too well, which is the catalyst behind his passion for music making. Ever since grade school, he knew his deep-rooted affinity and love for the art of music was not just a coincidence. His hobby quickly transformed into a full-fledged career, all within the blink of an eye.

Before branching out on his own as a solo artist, Garten was a member of a group called “Urgency”. Once he realized the direction he wanted to go, he knew he had to make necessary sacrifices to make it happen. “The best thing about being a solo artist is that I can do what I want with my own sound. My motivation itself is what sets me apart from any other artist. I’m doing this for the art,” said Garten. Wherever Garten’s career takes him, he will allow it. To that, he’s always looking at the bigger picture.

When it comes to his overall aesthetic, he focuses on the factor of self-expression. His vibe is entirely approachable, as he never wants to be that artist who people feel they can’t reach. “My music is all about life and my love for it. Whether you’re going through pain or experiencing joy, I make music for other people to vibe to,” said the artist. This exact essence is on showcase in his new single “Blood to Spare” from his upcoming EP.

Garten is bringing out all of the feelings of dark love in this slow song. Lyrically speaking, it’s all about being attracted to someone, and dealing with all of the feelings that come with it. Anyone who has been in a relationship will instantly gravitate toward this single. Garten hopes to release his EP, “Fixation”, by the summer. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

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“Blood To Spare”

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