Esco Vo teams up with Bigg Yavo for new single “No Pen No pad” @Esco_Vo16

In the world of hip hop the term Turnt Up means everyone, everywhere is ready to party and turn a boring location to the hottest place to be. All we need is the right beat and the right artist to start things off.

Representing Macon, Ga is an artist named Esco Vo who linked up with another artist name Bigg Yavo for new single No Pen No Pad. Together they go back-to-back on a single that will get you turnt up and waiting to get your money right. Back and forth are not as common as they were early in hip hop and Esco Vo and Bigg Yavo do it effortlessly.

The visual for this record only confirms how live you need to be when you are playing this record. No Pen, No Pad is energy for the streets. Stream the No Pen No Pad on YouTube now.

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