[EP] Azia Dee Morere “5”

Azia Dee Morere is back with a surprise EP, 5. capturing not only powerful lyrics, graceful and resonated vocals but celebrating her wedding Anniversary, as her whole Ep is dedicated to her husband. She writes with passion and conviction in the single the Way I feel, a soulful harmony lead single. The audience is then introduced to a Piano ballad, Your love, in which Azia soulfully and passionately expresses her love to her husband. The last single on 5 is, Reasons Why I love you, a fresh upbeat R&B instrumental produced by Khezie beats; highlights her harmonies and airy yet powerful vocal ability. 5. Azia Dee Morere, 5 EP, is a small romantic masterpiece with her vocal growth and also production credits, as she co produced the Way I feel and Your love with producer Ben Obi, this Ep will leave you wanting more of Azia Dee Morere!

Download/Stream: https://music.apple.com/us/album/5-ep/1621875261

Instagram: @iluvazia
Spotify: iluvazia


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