Elodie Rêverie – Gold Rush

Elodie Reverie combines ethereal voice
with powerful lyrics on new single ‘Gold Rush

VENICE, CA – Elodie Reverie has always been a very music person, but it wasn’t until a six-month trip to the desert that she truly found her voice.

Born into a quintessential American family whose forefather was Pan American Airlines founder Juan Trippe, Elodie said she always felt like she lived a life different than most other girls in the world. Her family felt a keen sense of responsibility to uphold the family name. And because of Trippe’s example, many of the men in the family were put on a pedestal. The combination of growing up in a privileged way while longing for an escape became something that was overwhelming, more often than not.

During her years at college, she had the opportunity to participate in the making of a documentary that traced her journey of writing her first song. As the project moved along, she found herself becoming increasingly involved in every aspect of filmmaking, including writing the main song for the story. Though she’d been a classically trained pianist for 21 years, she’d never written an original song. A few months earlier, she’d spent time in the desert east of her home in California as a kind of soul-searching journey. And as she dug into the songwriting moments, she found herself tapping into her experiences in the desert and pulling from all the emotions she’d felt over the years. Out of that, she was able to create something truly original.

“The desert played a big role in my life,” she said. “I was out there for half a year and it was so challenging. I changed a lot as a person. That’s where I decided I was interested in singing, which is something I’d been super scared about before. The desert is the place where I learned how to make fire with natural materials. It was the most exhilarating thing I’d ever experienced. I had this moment where this release I had from making fire is what I’d been chasing for a long time in the wrong sort of way. And I realized there were other ways to achieve this feeling, and for me that’s through creative expression. It was a big turning point for me. It gave me a lot of courage to pursue things professionally. And that’s why I make music now. It totally changed my life.”

Since that experience, Elodie has been working on developing her own unique sound and style. Her amazing voice – which is equal parts ethereal and penetrating – works perfectly with the fusion of genres she creates in the studio. Anything from EDM to pop to house to disco to funk, and more, is her playground. She writes her own lyrics, creates her own beats, plays her own instruments, produces and mixes her own songs – she does it all. And through it all she brings a point of view that’s surprising in its freshness.

Her most recent single is a song called “Gold Rush,” which she said was inspired by the Gold Rush in California in the mid-1800s. That “gold fever” serves as a metaphor for anyone who has uprooted their life to chase a dream.

“People who chase after something without any guarantee of success…” she said. “Slim chances… That’s what the song is about. In contemporary LA, there’s a bit of that going on in terms of people chasing careers in entertainment. But the song is about more than just that. I use wordplay to talk about the gold buried inside all of us. It’s about finding that metaphorical gold.”

Elodie said she plans to follow up that single with another song called “Pan Am,” which is a direct reference to her family and the traditions she embraces or rejects. It’s also a song that she said is empowering for women, albeit in a subtle way. Eventually, she hopes to put these songs together onto an EP that she plans to drop on June 30, which will be her 27th birthday. She said she’s looking forward to working with engineer Chase McElhaney on the project, and is extremely excited to record the EP at the legendary Fourth Street Studios in Santa Monica – the same place where artists such as Fiona Apple, Incubus and even the Beach Boys have recorded.


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