New DJ Salute Interview with DJ Shure Fire @djshurefire


What’s good DJ Shure Fire? Tell us where you are from and what made you become a DJ?

What’s Good! I was born & raised in St. Petersburg, FL. I became a DJ because I always loved music and had a hunger finding the newest music before anyone else did. I sold CD’s to make money when I was younger, often times finding leaks of artist albums and mixtapes weeks before any other bootlegger in the city knew they existed or thought to look for them. My Dad was also a DJ when he was younger, so maybe that had something to do with it.

Describe your DJ Style? When you host a mixtape what can an artist expect?

ENERGY! I came up doing wild parties & big clubs, so I try to carry that over to the mixtape game. When I host an artist project. I want it to be like a movie. The music needs tell a story. I take everything seriously. The talking, the song placement, the drops, even the quality of the recording. I make sure that I represent them to the best of my ability. In my eyes I’m the director and the artist is the writer. My job is to make the artists vision a reality.

How did you get involved with My Mixtapez?

Lol, the question everybody keeps asking me. I got with them through putting in work. I got one of the owner’s number after a few email conversations. I asked about being a DJ for the brand. They did some research and told me they would get back to me when they needed DJ’s. Within that wait time I made them a bunch of money and spread the word about them to some important people, and that sealed the deal.

What is your definition of Grynd?

Grynd is never taking no for an answer. Never letting a person or situation keep you from getting where you’re supposed to go. Grynd is waking up every day and doing something to better your situation.

Who are some of the artist mainstream or underground that you support today?

On a mainstream tip I support Webbie & Boosie, they don’t just inspire our city they actually show the most love. They’re never hollywood when they’re in town.
Future & Esco heavy, they used my Graphic artist (@kidgraphic) design for 3 projects (Purple Reign, 56 Nights, & March Madness).
Definitely Gucci Mane, he was one of the first major artists to tell me i was the future.YFN Lucci fasho, bruh one of the most humble artists on the planet…QC the label they show much love when any of their artist come to town.Young Dolph he 100 everytime I see him. Kodak Black, Mmg … Everybody that F*ck with the city.

Underground, I don’t even know where to start! It’s too many to name! I support anyone making good music and trying to change their situation, but as far as a few artists that I deal with directly that i see making noise: Project Youngin, Famous Kid Smoothie, KD, A.V., Tayda, Karri Kahlil, Eyeball Relly, Teo, AP Jax, Rod Wave, G-Dot, Zell Heff, Pharaoh (ski), Joe Blacc, Black Boi, Khaotic, AQ My Indy List is DEEP I would need a page just to list the artists I support and work with.

When you receive music from an artist what are you listening for that tells you this is a song I need to play?

I’m not listening for anything in particular. If the music is good, and makes me feel good. I won’t have to listen for anything. I will feel everything.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m always working on one of my many mixtape series: Killin Em in The Streets, Killing Them Softly (hip hop & R&B), Call The Fire Department, My Mixtape The Series, & a bunch of independent hustings.

I also do #TheBigShow 5 Days a week with my big homie DJ Winn On 99.1FM WUJM.

Any Shout outs? Where can we find you online?
Shout to GOD
shout to my family, they are why I go so hard.
I want to shout out my team!
Shout to My Mixtape
I want to shout out EVERYONE that supports #TheFireDepartment!!!! Without That support all this GRYND means nothing.

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