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What words describe someone so full of life? DJ Ms.Hypnotique or “Hypnotique” as some call her is a small, vibrant, little woman from Memphis, TN. Not like your average southern woman though. Many seem to think she’s from anywhere but the M-Town!!

Hypnotique was created in late 2008, when “Dymond” first laid eyes on Virtual DJ. With music as her first love, and so many other talents this was like a walk in the park. Of course no one took her serious because she didn’t learn this skill the old fashion way. The only thing that mattered to her was that She Learned a new craft. With much practice, studying, and one on one time with other DJ’s she pretty much had this thing down!

Imitation was never how she wanted to come up. She wanted to always add her own style to everything, and with DJing… she did just that. Known for her extroverted attitude, snappy comebacks, boldness, and ability to lead others, she’s well on her way to the top. Her CEO J. Shields, taught her the basics of djing and mixing… little did they both know, this new found hobby would soon become her career! From learning to DJ to promoting, to engineering, she then began to make a name for herself. Everyone knew her as Ms.Hypnotique and later as DJ Hypnotique. She started her own radio show live on and on Ustream.TV. The listeners and viewers were shocked and amazed by her talents and ability to mix, scratch, chop, and screw music. Loving the compliments and attention, Ms. Hypnotique began her own mixtape series named “The Hypnotique Effect.”

Today, it’s more than just a name, it’s A Brand. She’s worked with artist such as YG, Hot Boy Turk, Trina, Waka Flocka, CMG, SMG, and more. She’s a favorite of some of the biggest bosses in the music game such as Bigga Rankin, Tony Neal, DJ Kay Slay…just to name a few. She’s made quite a name for herself and there’s no turning back. She’s affiliated with the Cool Running DJ’s & Team Bigga Rankin, Coast2Coast Mixtape DJs, Thisis50, and soon to be The Core DJS, and 24K Mixtape DJs.

Her lifestyle gives a lot of hope, advice, and encouragement to people everywhere. She’s showing and telling them to BE YOU!!! Be happy with you are, with what you do, and never settle. NEVER GIVE UP. “That’s my message” –Ms.Hypnotique. What’s next for this #DivaDJ? Who knows? She already has her hands in so much it’s no telling what she may do next. She has a royalty paying radio station, a nationwide magazine, energy drink, and maybe even a clothing line… Just wait and see. For upcoming events, shows, interviews and more please visit

Connect with her on Twitter & Instagram @DJMsHypnotique

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