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The 90’s are often heralded as a highpoint in music, sports and just pop culture in general. Being born into the era is Davante Liv3, who chronicles how it has shaped him on his new album “XCII”. The New Orleans-born, Atlanta-based MC brings his lyrical capability in full glory as he uses his 90’s influence to make a project that is quite the reflection of the time. In regards to the project Davante Liv3 said the following:

The album title is both the birth of my career as an artist & who I am today as a person. I was born in 1992 so when I look back on the culture at that time from LA Riots, to the Dream Team and my influences on life it all correlates. Even certain movies like Juice or Boomerang and shows like Martin affected the culture and who I am now. Subconsciously I always connected to that time and it just so happens to be the year I was born so it all comes full circle in this album.

Samples from movies and shows from the era help to carry the theme and bring it to life. Features on “XCII” come from Big Sant, Josh Waters, Quavius Black, Marr Gray and Kate. Check it out and look for more to come from Davant Liv3’s camp in the future.

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