Darnelle Beckford on Track to release his book titled “Let’s Be Realistic Battling Epilepsy and Other Limitations”

1. Thank you for spending time with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you are from?

Thank you for having me. My name is Darnelle I am 31 years old I am a Jamaican American and I live in Somerset, NJ. I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business from Berkeley college. I grew up in Irvington, NJ I moved to Somerset when I was about 10-11 years old.

2. What was it like growing up in your city

I can tell you what it was like growing up in both places because both have different meanings to me, well growing up in Irvington was your typical Urban community predominantly black but for me it was mostly a Caribbean community that surrounded me and my family seeing that we are from Jamaica. Where everything is tightknit but also just like every predominantly black community there was a lack of resources that was not provided in those areas, but we made do on what we had to make the best of any situation to our advantage. I was always taught that never let the situation that is around you influence your decisions, and just like any other family we would go to each other houses to hangout, cook and do family things that your typical Caribbean family do which is eat and have fun with each other.
When moving to Somerset where I live right now its way different in terms everything is diverse particularly the neighborhood that I live in, it is more of a up and coming type of neighborhood where there is not a lot of kids my age, they are way younger than me, but the resources are different based on what me and my family are accustomed to. Another thing is the neighbors that I live next to, they bring their own flavor to the neighborhood, most of them come from different states mainly from New York and other states which brings life to the neighborhood. The feel that I get from living where I am at now is way different, than I am used to. I am so used to having everything in walking distance but now I must drive everywhere to get where I needed to be, also family was so close that it would not take that much to go over and hangout with them but now everything is driving distance.

3. What inspired you to become an author?

What inspired me to become an author it is funny, and simple, when I was in college doing school assignments my professors will give us papers to write with the recommended number of pages, and I will always write more than its recommended and they will always say Darnelle every time I get yours, I must make special time. The reason why is because I always have something to say, and I never get a chance to speak and when I write it is like all of what I want to say just flows out of me, and I go into a writing frenzy. Also, I have always been one of those students that soaks up what the professors are saying and ask a lot of questions not only that, but I have always been that student who writes more than they should plus I find it to be a great stress reliever.

4. What is your process when creating a book for potential readers?

The process for me when creating a book for potential readers is getting to understand them, and what kind of material piques their interest, and what would catch and keeps their attention. Also, the other process is giving them something that they have never read before, because most of the time people have a habit of recycling the same material that they have read before but with updated information.

5. Talk to us about the name of your book releasing soon and what can we expect from it?

The titled of the book is called Let’s Be Realistic Battling Epilepsy and Other Limitations, what you can expect from it is a lot of different unbelievable things that I went through to get where I needed to be in life and prove that I belong.

6. How will readers be able to access your book once released and who is publishing it?

The readers will be able to access the book on all platforms where they get their books like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Lulu and more. The publisher is Maw Media group, LLC this company is black owned and the man in charge is Michael Wright who has put in the work with me to make sure this book is in the perfect formation for the readers to enjoy.

7. Besides books is there anything else you would like to get into in or outside the book industry?

I would love to get into the movie, television, and music industry, it is funny you ask me that question because before I became an author I was applying to those industries, because I love both of those industries, but I chose to create my own opportunity into the industry. Also, I would like to get into some good investments and leave a legacy for the next generation.

8. What advice would you give to other inspiring authors looking to release their first book?

The advice I will give to a first-time author is if you want something bad you will block the outsiders and do it, because when outsiders know what you are doing, they will try and takeover especially when they have never done it before because they were afraid of the risk. Also, the other advice will always be original with the stories you are going to tell but put your own spin on things, never be afraid to think outside of the box, and put in the work like you want it bad enough.

9. What is your definition of Grynd?

My definition of Grynd, is having a passion for something and not letting up until you get what you need, also working 10 times harder than the next person both in front of you, and behind you. Always treat it like someone is going to take your spot, and you do not want to give it up so do not give them the option to. Grynd is also about having that hunger to be great and you will not let anything are anyone get in your way.

10. Where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram @d_thechef, Tik-Tok @darnellebeckford, you can email me at letsberealistic4@gmail.com for business inquiries.

11. Any shout outs?

Yes, I want to shout out to MTE which is my brand that I am building from the ground up and it stands for Manchester Trelawny Empire, and the second meaning is Motivate Teach and Educate. Next, I want to shout out the people who are loyal to me and still are by myside. I appreciate all the support that has come my way. Another shout out I would like to do is to, 3 Friends Productions which is a new and upcoming production company that focuses on film, music video, content creation development weather it is in video or photography form. I have been working closely with them and the whole team on multiple things. Follow them on Instagram @3friendsproductions. This company is on the rise just like me, so it is only right that I mention them. Another shout out goes to an up-and-coming company called Vision Goats which I have also been working closely with them, they are award winning multimedia group designers that specialize in graphics, promo videos and web design services they have created award-winning work in many categories, including music, beauty/hair, fashion, collegiate sports, entertainment, real estate, online retail, and more. We are working on special projects together, visits their website visiongoats.com.

My book Let’s Be Realistic Battling Epilepsy and Other Limitations will be out July 16, 2021, make sure you go get a copy.