Dannyland channels a broken friendship/relationship through his recent single “Pain” @dannyland815

It’s not that often in the music business you hear an artist in the rap game talk about his feelings for a woman who can’t see the truth. Most talk about the drip, most talk about the racks thrown in the strip club, but Dannyland chose to talk about trust issues in a relationship that could’ve been true growth between a man and a woman.

The first 29 seconds has you focus/caught in a zone thinking what’s coming next, then the words (“I’m a keep it real wit you, I’m just trying to build wit you, He just want to chill wit you pop a couple pills wit you”.) sets the mood for what to expect through the whole track.

Linking up with producer Elevated, Dannyland delivers “Pain” showing that men also fall into a situation where the woman can’t see the blessing in a King but instead is taken for granted. Fed up with all the games and mistrust Dannyland puts it all on the table and by the time she gets the picture its already too late. One of the worse feelings when missing out on a true relationship is also missing out on a true friend.

“Pain” by Dannyland available on all digital outlets


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