D Jones The General – My Ting A Ling

Jones is the second coming of Reggaeton’s The General

CHARLOTTE, NC – D. Jones is an artist destined for greatness as the next General of Reggaeton. Following in the footsteps of his mentor and Reggaeton legend, Michael Ellis – the father of the genre – D. Jones is bringing a fusion of sounds and styles with such mastery that it won’t be long before he’s a household name all over the world.

What started as a love for hip-hop as a young boy growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, grew into a fascination with Latin- and Caribbean-influenced music. Over time he developed a strong, original sound – something that embraces multiple influences coming from different genres. His music is all about setting the bar higher and capturing those different influences in ways that are exciting for the listener. And one of the most amazing things about his style is the way that he seamlessly blurs the divide between those different genres and styles – from rap to pop to Caribbean and especially Reggaeton.

“It doesn’t fall into one specific genre,” he said of his sound. “When I sing and rap, I use Spanish and Patois and English all within the same song, and it all sounds good. I’ve been doing this about 14 years and I learned from the father of Reggaeton, and I’ve been building a brand and a sound that takes people to these places I’m singing about. That’s what my music is all about – making people feel like they can go there. I want my music to cross boundaries, and to make people feel like they can cross boundaries, too. I bring that international vibe to them wherever they are. If you want to take a trip, or relax and vibe to it, my music is for you.”

Not only is his sound standout, but D. Jones The General has a unique voice with great wordplay, showcased most often through a fast-paced, direct and dynamic flow. This is demonstrated most recently through his single “My Ting A Ling,” which is set to drop later this month. The Latin/Caribbean-influenced vibe has a feel-good flow under lyrics that celebrate that one person who is special above all others. Fans of artists such as Busta Rhymes, Nas, El Alfa and Killer Ranks will love “My Ting A Ling” because of the similarities in style. D. Jones knows how to keep engagement levels high by enticing audiences with every beat. There’s no limit to his creativity, and his talent for music is natural – so natural that he was being called The General long before he knew that was the name of Reggaeton’s most prolific artist, as well.

“That name was given to me when I was in high school,” he said. “I was working with a lot of artists who were older than me in North Carolina. I was only 15 and they were in their upper 20s. I’d do anything just to be around the studio – get water or hand out flyers or whatever. I just wanted to be around the recording process and culture as much as possible. It got to a point where I was leading those things – like promotions or video shoots or logistics of things. The older cats started calling me The General because of that. When I released my first album, which was self-produced, I got some interest from some labels and one of them told me I reminded them of one of the biggest Reggaeton artists of all time … El Generál. I had no clue that there was an artist with that name in the 90s. It was a crazy clash. And then when I got to meet Michael Ellis, who was the father of Reggaeton and producer of the megastar El General, it was a dream come true and just the perfect example of everything coming together.”

Today, D. Jones is ready for his career to take a jump to the next level. He said he’s proud of the body of work he’s been able to develop so far, but he knows “My Ting A Ling” has such an international vibe that it could put him in front of fans all over the world.

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