Cassius- ‘Million Dollar Walk’ exudes 300K Streams of Self Confidence By Tilsa Wright @tilsawright @iamcassius

A man who works, is a man who reaps the benefits and deserves his rewards. This best describes Cassius from Flatbush Brooklyn, whose single ‘Million Dollar Walk and Brooklyn Block’ is creeping in the streets and steadily piling up a huge streaming check. Born Tyrone Thorne, from Guyana (South America), migrated to the United States at age 11. This was years ago when gang violence riddled the streets of New York more treacherously than now. We thank God he survived and is here to become ‘The Greatest’!
So rushing to meet the October issue deadline, I hit up Cassius Instagram DM for a quickie, no silly. An interview! LOL, go ahead and inhale.

1. When and where was your first performance?

My first performance was in 2008, at a place called The Pyramid with a crew named ‘Chase Money’.

2. How does it feel to have over 300K streams for “Million Dollar Walk”?

It’s incredible! Making me understand more about building a strong fan and support base. Honestly my previous songs never garnered so much support, this single does show, tremendous growth as I continue to fully develop my career. Most importantly my fans and supporters controls the outcome of a record. Believe me, I am so thankful for them and their loyalty.

3. What was the inspiration behind this song?

Self Confidence. We can all have on the same shoe, outfit, or hairstyle but I bet you each and every one of us will say ” I did it the best” so I put that on this record.

4. Describe your daily or weekly grind?

Constantly in the studio, either writing, recording or trying to outdo myself.

5. Do you want to remain independent or is your goal, is to sign with a major?

I want to sign to a major but if being independent is successful then I would change my mind. Because I honestly believe in signing to a major.
Oh and let me just state, although he is from Guyana, a non-Hip-hop culture, just know Cassius ‘Got This’! So go follow him on Instagram because in a few days, he will perform on stage for industry head Funk Flex.