Boob of Cash Out Kings Entertainment is Philly’s new boss on the scene @boobbankrolls


Meet J. Smith also known as Boob the rising entrepreneur and CEO of Cash Out Kings entertainment (C.O.K.E.). Born and raised in Philly and representing the Germantown section. This mogul is the jack of all trades. His experience in entertainment started as he worked with Aphillation & has a artist development background working with Dice Raw, Bang Bang & now he has his artist on C.O.K.E. Slim Cannon.

Boob hustles hard too after doing a small bid he started his own detail company with two buckets and a heavy grind has taken his company to great heights. Which that has now lead to his new hauling company.

Extending the brand, Smith has recently launched Cash Out Kings clothing line & merchandise will be available soon. To even add on he is an author as well with 4-5 books soon to be published. Smith explains “Life is a grind and I’m out here grinding, doing the best I can, & with that mentality, progress is meant to happen.”

There you have it, J. smith an up & coming mogul. This man is one is the hardest working men in the Philadelphia business scene & this is only the beginning of Cash Out Kings Entertainment.

Instagram- @thetown215philly



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