Blu Aries paints a picture through lyrics in his latest single “No Sleep” @bluaries510

When you’re born into this world you can’t control the environment you grow up in. Some environments are quote on quote safe and some are dangerous where the only option you have is to lose.

In these environments you find yourself growing up through situations where you become Paranoid and survival of the fittest is the only way to see the next day. Blu Aries an artist out of East Oakland, California defines his environment with his latest single “No Sleep”.

He combines experience while using his lyrics to paint a picture to give you a visual of what it’s like to live in his world. Drugs, Violence and hatred can have you paranoid with bad dreams. “I feel like I been up for weeks nigga wit no sleep” starts off this single and if you ever felt the same way then not only will you like the song, but you will relate.

“No Sleep” by Blu Aries is available now on all Digital Platforms. Not only support but Relate.



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