Black Montana expresses his pain through his new single “BALMAIN”.

Pain can only be described properly by the person who is feeling it. Music allows you to express that pain in multiple ways without any rules on how to do it. Black Montana does this in style while fresh in his “BALMAIN”.

Signed to Birmingham Entertainment, Black Montana puts it all up front with his latest single “BALMAIN”. You may know “BALMAIN” as a clothing line, but he uses it to delivery his pain while staying fresh in it. Listening to the single you hear the struggles of his life, the things he must go through in order to survive and the people he cares for witness the same.

Black Montana took the cards that were dealt to him and continues to play the game of survival, while making his surroundings work for him and stuffing presidents in his “BALMAIN”. The law sees it as an issue Black Montana sees it as providing for his family. His flow will speak for itself, the beat allows for the finishing touches and the lyrics let you know its real.

Listen to “BALMAIN” on all digital platforms.

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