@BailBondCity A Slander Site That Targets Blacks With Fake Arrests

Bail Bond City is Florida-based mugshot website, The Better business bureau claims otherwise, as the “company” is not accredited and most damaging BBB give this nasty site an F rating because of complaints and what’s pretty obvious that this site is nothing more than a slander site. The complaints are all the same from their Facebook to the BBB and even yelp… Everyone claims that BBC post-arrest records and some of those records had been expunged or cases dismissed the overall complaint was that the site makes it appear as if the people on it are incarcerated which takes “Fake News” to a whole new level. They even go as far as to label people sex offenders which is insane. I am surprised no one has put them on Rip Off Report which someone should do because it will never come down.

The Company is a pretty deranged and inching super close to a racist website. The people on their facebook page that they are slandering are mostly people of color This guy Kyle who owns the site per a search of an LLC basically looks up arrest records and doesn’t bother to check anything beyond someone being arrested. He then fabricates a profile of said person with fake inmate numbers and also the most damaging part is he presents the site in such a way that says the individual is currently incarcerated. One profile, in particular, shows a woman who is said to have been booked in prison and give the black woman’s full name. When you scroll to the bottom of the page it gives a year for an offense. While fact checking the information the profile was a flat out lie. The woman had never set foot in prison. In fact, the offense that the woman incurred during that year per the state’s official court filings was a DUI and the woman wasn’t even ordered to be on probation.

Long story DO NOT believe a single thing you read about anyone on that website and do not give them your money. They are not a bond company they will give you mugshot maybe because none of their listed phone numbers actually ring and they don’t respond to emails or any other their social media platforms

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