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ARITA – artist, model and media personality – launches Single from her Upcoming Debut EP album and lipstick line called ‘Lovesick’

NEW YORK, NY – Artist, model, actress and now makeup mogul – ARITA is a true all-around entertainer.

The New York-based artist, whose Caribbean upbringing gives her a unique sound and style unlike any other in the game, is putting her talents on full display in many ways under her explosive new campaign called “Lovesick.” It’s a brand that encompasses a new EP, single and lipstick launch this summer.

“I’m fascinated by Love – the many moods of love,” she said. “The heartaches, the heartbreaks, the good side, the bad side, the forever and ever, the abuse, the make-ups and the break-ups…I’m a bona-fide ‘love junkie,’ addict and dealer – all in one. So the name captures it all. I’m Love Sick!”

ARITA’s EP album explores those themes of love by way of a new sound. Known for her work as a Caribbean artist, she is well on her way to worldwide recognition, often being described as a “bit of Beyoncé mixed with Rihanna and a touch of Whitney Houston wrapped in island style.” This EP shows her transitioning into a more pop-heavy style of music that she loves. It still features that international/Caribbean flare, but is unequivocally inspired by some of the great jazz, R&B and soul musicians of the past who she adores, such as Etta James (her favorite artist), Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. In many ways, she is fusing her originality with that Caribbean sound in a way that delivers a pop album laced with a mixture of reggae, dance hall, soul, hip-hop and R&B.

The title single, “LOVE SICK,” is a big-band, jazz, soul-infused song that features international dance hall artist Baby Cham, known for his massive hit with Alicia Keys, “Ghetto Story.” “LOVE SICK” is written by ARITA’s manager, Frederick A. Morton Jr., Founder and CEO of TEMPO Networks – the Caribbean’s leading media and TV Network and the collaborating artist Baby Cham. With Cham, ARITA explores the tricky love situation brought about by distance – being apart from the one you love, a feeling ARITA says can literally make you “sick.” The opening lyric says it all: “The sky may be falling, but once I’m in your arms, I don’t need no escape plan.”

“It’s about that longing and wanting to be with the person you love and the aches and pains it causes when you can’t,” ARITA said. The Love Sick music video, beautifully shot and styled in the fashion of the Harlem renaissance era, brings the song to life, captivating audiences when it recently premiered on BET Soul, BET Jams & BET Her.

ARITA’s music is just one aspect of her amazing journey to super-stardom. She is also a television personality on the popular Caribbean TV Channel, TEMPO, interacting with artists who inspire her, such as John Legend, who was the first interview she ever conducted on-air. She credits the superstar and multi-Grammy-award-winning singer/songwriter as her inspiration to launch her musical journey. ARITA is also a model/beauty aficionado and entrepreneur and is — along with the music — launching a new lipstick line. In the same ways that her new EP and single explore the emotions that stem from love situations, so, too, does the “Love Sick” lipstick line capture those emotions.

Apart from the beautifully striking and stunning colors, the main attribute of the lipstick line is its long-lasting feature. Like love itself, the lipstick endures – one application and anyone who uses it is good for the day. And, equally important, ARITA says, is “whatever emotions love is currently putting you through, you can find a shade to represent that.” From the fiery red, to the fierce black, to the purple representing the tragedy of domestic violence or the orange and pink for cancer awareness, the line is carefully curated to provide expression of that feeling.

ARITA will be promoting her single and lipstick line heavily throughout the summer, performing live at Sony Hall in New York City on July 7 with Life Jennings; at the Lincoln Park Festival in Newark, NJ on Aug. 2; at the Sounds of the City Festival at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center with Funk Legend Maceo on Aug. 9; and at the Hub City Festival in New Brunswick on Aug. 25.

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Love Sick feat. Cham Music Video Promo
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