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Tiffany Pollard aka “New York” recently hit the media airways for alleged involvement with Gavin Long the Baton Rouge cop killer. There is a picture of the pair looking very happy on a couch and an and a The Inquistr reports

She has been connected to the Baton Rouge shooter as details emerge about his allegedly womanizing past. As the Daily Mail noted, Gavin Long was the host of a podcast where he bragged about his work as an author and life coach. “In the podcast, which is part of a series, Long described himself as a smart, wealthy operator who has hustled from a young age by loaning money to other people at school.
“He said that in 2008 after coming back from serving in Japan and Iraq with the military, he lived the high life and partied with celebrities with his savings while stationed in San Diego, California. Long claims that all his friends were taller than him but even though he was the ‘shortest guy in the clique’ he ‘pulled the most chicks.’”
In the days since the deadly Baton Rouge shooting, a clearer picture has emerged of Gavin Long and his motives for the attack. CNN reported on Wednesday that Long told friends and family that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in Iraq. Long joined the Marine Corps in 2005, working as a data specialist.


I reached out to Antonio Velaz for comment seeing as how he spent over 10 years with the infamous reality star and maybe had some insight to the alleged relationship and what Gavin Long was like
Antonio said


I no longer work with or have any affiliations with the above subject individual. However I wish her peace and light.

Oooooh did I just detect some shade?

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