[Album] @Blondiecantuc Blondie Can’t U C

International entertainer, BLONDIE CANT U C aka BLONDIE C, is here with her self-named debut album ‘Blondie Can’t U C’. Be a true hustler in heels BLONDIE C is a woman of many talents. She truly is an entertainer in every sense of the word as she’s not only an artist, but she’s also a DJ, a poet, business owner and an actress (specializing in comedic/improv). BLONDIE C is no rookie to the industry in fact she’s quite the veteran; BLONDIE has had music featured on HBO, Oxygen & Showtime original programming.

BLONDIE C lives to entertain. She refuses to set any limitations on what she is capable of accomplishing. Which she definitely shows us with this debut album. With singles like Glaze N Go, Big Girl World Pt 2, and So Damn Fly. She even has features with Moody Montana and Msfittt. It’s definitely an album that will have something for everyone and not just the female fans either. There is music on there for the fellas as well.

So be sure to go and checkout ‘Blondie Can’t U C’ on all digital streaming platforms today!!!

Download/Stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/2CQ97z0qtkuVLkl1MqOZJA?si=tXFzoJCKQzSNq__57uuxXA

Instagram: @Blondiecantuc
Twitter: @Blondiecantuc

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