Alabama artist Money is back with his artist Mar for new single “Get U Sum Money” @k.o.b1640

In the streets Survival is a skill you must have in order to make it in this life. One thing needed in order to survive is money. Depending on the resources available to you will determine how and what way you “Get U Sum Money”.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama artist Money teams us with his U$@ artist Mar for their single “Get U Sum Money”. Money talks the struggle and the need to make money in the streets. No matter male or female the streets don’t discriminate and demand cash for survival. Although money doesn’t always guarantee survival, it will better your chances.

Money talks about how he must get it in his life and Mar lays down the catchy chorus to get you in tune with the record all together.

IG- @k.o.b1640
Snapchat- Moneyy Dunn

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