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Al. Knyght provides voice for the broken people with new album ‘Birds II: Midnite Society’

GAINESVILLE, VA – Al. Knyght has always been different, and that’s a good thing.

The young musician was born in Alexandria, Virginia, with the condition of Albinism. For as long as he could remember he stood out, but it wasn’t until age 8 that he realized it wasn’t just his appearance that set him apart, but also his voice. He has such a unique voice that listeners could immediately pick him out because of his cadence and the different sounds he chooses to use. That’s something he began developing at an early age, and today it has led to a budding career within the music industry.

On Oct. 5 he released an album called “Birds II: Midnite Society.” It’s a follow-up to an album he released two years ago called “Birds,” which was a dark mix between new wave and old-school hip-hop. With this new project, however, he wanted to step it up and make an evolution of his earlier sound.

“I took my inspiration from the 90s TV Series ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark?’” he said. “The kids in that series didn’t know anything about each other, but they would meet at night and listen to each others’ stories. They called themselves the Midnite Society. I want to use my musical talent and my ear and my creative pen to tell some tales I’ve experienced, or to share other people’s stories. I’m trying to be as creative as I can within myself and then share that with the world.”

The 14-track album features the hit single “Get Over It,” which is a smooth soul-based R&B track that incorporates notes of hip-hop. It features Saniyah X, a female singer from Tennessee who developed a large following on Vine before the social media platform was shut down. The song is one that Al. Knyght said encourages people to focus on the bigger picture in life and to let the frustrating things stay in the past.

“If I can’t do anything about something, I have to accept it and let it be and get over it,” he said. “There’s still life left to be lived, even beyond what you can’t change.”

Al. Knyght’s musical talent was fostered at an early age by a musical family. His mother was always singing and playing music, while his father was a pianist in a local Go-Go band. At age 13 he was visiting his uncle, who was recording and rapping with a friend and asked young Al to get on the mic. The response he received was enough encouragement to continue pursuing music, so that today he not only makes great art but also considers himself a voice for the “broken children.”

“There are a group of people out there who didn’t fit in all the way all the time,” he said. “They’re broken, but they’re strong enough to withstand what gets thrown at them. I feel those people. I tell their tales. I’m the same. And no matter how far I get in my career, I’m still gonna be a person. It’s easier to relate to somebody if they feel like they’re on the same page as you. We’re all people and we’re all human, and that’s what I want to speak to.”

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"Get Over It"

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