A-Game & Philonius Phunk plan on winning Big with new single “We Winnin” @agamemusik @philoniusphunk

Now a days a lot more people depend on your failure and Loss more then they pray for your success. Hate breeds envy and Jealousy more than it ever did before. When you find a way through all the negativity and madness you can definitely say “We Winnin”

Representing areas of the Midwest, OH and PA Emcee and Producer combo A-Game & Philonius Phunk have proven they navigated through the negativity and madness. Together with SwagSwitcha they deliver new single “We Winnin” that talks about taking no losses, doing it their way and not following no one else’s trend.

In two minutes and 36 seconds you are inspired to focus on winnin and not letting anything get in your way. Speak success into existence, combined with grynding daily and you will reach levels others doubted you could achieve. This is the feeling you get when listening to “We Winnin”

Catch “We Winnin” by A- Game & Philonius Phunk on the “Mashup” EP available May 28th through their official website.

Website URL – www.philoniusphunk.com
Twitter – @agamemusik @philoniusphunk
Instagram – @agamemusik @philoniusphunk
Facebook link – https://www.facebook.com/agametheraptile, https://www.facebook.com/philoniusphunkmusic
Single Link – https://philoniusphunk.bandcamp.com/album/mashup


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