22shotz uses the power of music to describe their pain with single “808” @22shotz_micentertainment

Pain has multiple ways of revealing itself. Sometimes it’s through the physical body, sometimes it’s through emotion but it’s never something anyone plans. The question is how you decide to express that pain.

22Shotz originally from Brooklyn chose to express pain by using music and what better way to do it but with a single called “808”. Teaming up with Tiara James they use the experiences they faced as the energy behind a powerful message.

This song talks about how times changed but also how history is repeating itself. Pain has no mercy on anyone, it doesn’t have favorites and it doesn’t discriminate. But what happens when you cause your own pain. 22shotz hits home with lyrics like “Ignorance is Bliss and we know the truth, but your 99 problems started with you first”.

Listen to 808 on all digital platforms featured on the new EP “808 Montauk Ave”.



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