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When the Bag is not what’s expected your problem may be the “Middle Man” @juliano_zone6

In the Streets the term “The Plug” is someone who can provide you with the goods or contact you need to complete a successful transaction. Sometimes to get to that plug you rely on the “Middle Man” to make the proper connection. So, what do you do when that person starts to hold up what was once successful?

Grynd Report alum Juliano teams up with producer J. Wattz for his new single “Middle Man” where he explains that it’s a must to get rid of the “Middle Man”. Using soft tones and vocals Juliano explains how he must hustle harder to get to the bag.

When you grynding extra hard, knowing that someone is messing up your bag you must eliminate the problem. Juliano expresses dealing with street life growing up and what it takes for him to survive. In order to get to the goal, he wants to achieve, the first order of business is to get rid of the “Middle Man”. Listen for yourself.

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