When it’s you and a lady late night, the freak in her may “Drive you Crazy” @Kingpincash

In a world of temptation, a man can find himself in the presence of a lady willing to show him her intimate side. You hear stories everyday on how a man has found himself in a situation where the lady he’s with that night is not the lady he is with every night. This new lady has found herself in a position everyman loves her to be.

Kingpin Cash teamed up with producer Monteezzy to tap into that story with new Single “Drive Me Crazy” explaining right from the start “The Head Drive Me Crazy”. Coupled with hard instrumentals and sexual lyrics Kingpin Cash holds no punches with what he likes when a woman is with him.

This song is for the playa’s in the game that love life with more than one woman. This is a must hear to understand where Kingpin Cash is coming from.

“Drive Me Crazy” is available on all digital Platforms

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