Visual Medicine Feature Storme Mzexclusive @Storme228

The Grynd Report Interviews Storme for an Exclusive Visual Medicine Feature.


How long have you been modeling and what are some of your favorite locations to shoot?

I started Modeling in October 2012 with my first shoot by CClark in Atlanta Ga, which was published in Vixens Magazine. Soon after I linked with DaRealSafadoStudios in Atlanta and now have 19 publications up to this date. My favorite locations to shoot has to involve water! Im a Pisces ♓ and always feel most comfortable near water settings.

Do you prefer inside shoots or outside and why?

Definitely outside! I love natural light & naturistic settings. Modeling is an Art and when you combine the Art of the Body with the Art of Nature it is Simplistic yet Embodies true beauty Beyond Measure.

What is your definition of Grynd?

When a person not only has ambitious aspirations but the “make it happen” attitude & willingness to sacrifice for long term results.

What motivated you to create XXclusive Models and how many models do you manage under your company?

When I started getting more publications and castings for different avenues in the Industry, I began to have other individuals interested in furthering their careers contact me. I wanted to help them in any way I could because I knew the adversity and scams I encountered and didn’t want that for others. Currently we have 10 Calendar Models as well as 4 more female models & 2 males.

Tell us about the radio shows you co host.

Im Honored to be the Co-Host on 2 shows currently. Next To Blow Radio: “Music Crush Monday’s” Every Monday Night from 10pm – 12am Est with @mzqueent_ as well as Philly Shine Radio Tuesday & Thursday Nights from 11pm-1am Est with @honestphire.

What are some obstacles you see as a model in this business?

First let me say Obstacles are made to be overcome, you just have to follow the right path… With the modeling industry 99.9% based on looks you first have to find the right avenue for your body type. With that being said there is work available for all types. I try to focus my models in the direction of their body types and each models comfort levels as well as avoid the scams of fake castings and photographers who try and take advantage of upcoming models.

Being a CEO of your own company what are some of the common mistakes you see with up and coming models?

They do not do their homework. Many are too eager and do not research the quality of work a photographer puts out or the promoters attempting to book them for events. Some get lost in the thought of fame and become unbookable due to attitudes…

Whats next for Storme?

With Gods Blessings, I will continue our yearly XXclusive Models calendar publication, Book our Beautiful Models for more Events, Shoots & Shows, Continue to co host both radio shows, work with more talented & focused Artists and hopefully publish our first male poster calendars next year for the ladies!

What advice would you give to other people interested in becoming a model?

Make sure you do your homework on anyone you intend to do any professional businesses with. Alot of fakes & phonies in the industry.

Any SHOUTOUTS/ Where can we find you online?

S/O to all the Gorgeous #XXclusiveModels #NextToBlowRadio #PhillyShineRadio #XsquadDjs #TreasureMarketing #BigGMedia #MysticEnt

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