[Video] Heavy Hustla – Color of the Night @HeavyHustla901

Things get a little heavy in the new “Color of the Night” video from Memphis native, Heavy Hustla. Inspired by Translee’s song of the same name, the Memphis rapper stated, “I finally expressed how I feel about the war on the black race and the war within the black race”. To support the lyrics of the new politically charged single, the official video is filled with audio from a Memphis news anchor reporting on shootings across the city. To further more support the lyrics, there are clips of Martin Luther King Jr., Trayvon Martin, and Rodney King throughout the video. In the video, Heavy Hustla raps with a polished flow and lyrics that prove his growth of social consciousness.

“With the murder rates in the inner city, boy them black lives can’t matter.”

Watch the BenjiDidIt – directed video for “Color of the Night” below.

Dir by BenjiDidIt (@BenjiDidIt)

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