The Grynd Report Sits Down with Jus Lyon @iamjuslyon

1) Jus we appreciate you spending time with us. Coming out of Durham, North Carolina. What was life like growing up?

My childhood growing up wasnt the best I grew up with 2 older brother Chris and charles I have 5 other siblings in total 4 brothers and one sister I am the youngest but my childhood was very active I use to play basketball and a little football on a regular basis but growing up with two older brothers wasnt easy they torched me as a kid but by them doing that it is what made me a man today that tough love helped me out but we always had a house full all our friends would come over on a daily basis which annoyed my parents but they grew to love our friends but I was always the quiet one and got a lot of stuff blamed on me but that what little brothers are for so to cut the story short my childhood was simple yet complicated at the same time both my parents had good jobs and made well over enough money to support but I wasn’t spoiled I had to earn my way around but I was very loved by all my 2 blood brothers same mother and father have always been there for me and supported me and motivated me to do better as a child so if it wasnt truly for there help my parents and friends I don’t know how my childhood would have been like but I think it was adventurous

2) What inspired you to get into the music business?

I’ve always been interested in the music business i started freestyleing on a karaoke machine back in the day when i was like 12 or 13 that’s when i grew very fond of music i always use to listen to eminem, notorious b.i.g, nas, jay z, and others but when i actually took my music career seriously was when i moved to a new location in 2009 with my parents a small town called creedmoor now no I dont represent that town cuz im not from there but when i moved there i met some people who actually did music and recorded on a regular with the school laptops they gave us but it was one guy who convinced me to be serious because i had a gift and his name is Dorian Newman aka king fonzi he pushed me and pushed me to record and yea my first couple of mixtapes wont that good but when I got to the third on i caught a buzz around town and had people screaming my name and blasting my music so right then and there is when i realized this is what I wanna do i have a passion for this so I wanna run with it so ever since 2009 ive been growing stronger and getting better and now look where im at doing multiple shows a week being featured on blogs doing radio interviews and more so yea i can say doing it for 8 years has officially started to pay off plus looking at other artist is what inspires me

3) Would you say that the bullying and tough love you received from your older brothers helped you in this music business? Explain?

No i say all the feedback and the people surrounding me helped me i mean my brothers motivated me but the tough love was to adapt me and get me ready for the real world but i was all love over here

4) What is the music scene like in your city for independent artist?

I feel its going tremendously great i see on a daily basis artist here from NC putting in that work networking with other artist and djs i think NC its self has been over looked because its so many artist trying to get on at the same time so i feel its kinda hard for majority of us to get noticed but i feel some stick out more then others but either way i see north carolina making big moves here very soon in the music industry

5) What projects are you currently working on?

My ablum “Lyrical Intention” Due to be released in the summer

6) You have studied some of the greatest rappers who ever touched a mic. 2 pac, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Eminem. Why was it important to study some of these artist in the music industry?

Because they stuck out more to me then others there image there style there sound there barz it was a must that i study them they are icons to me yes im in the process of still learning more about hiphop but i will eventually be on my history

7) What’s your definition of Grynd?

My definition of grynd is something you go hard for something you acheive a goal you dont stop going for until you reach it

8) What’s next for Jus Lyon?

Hopefully performing at CIAA and maybe SXSW i got more photo and video shoots comeing up possibly going on GSMH tour as well but just stay tuned in

9) Any Shouts outs?

Shoutout to GOD my mother and father Donald and Amy Lyon my brothers Chris and Charles Lyon and there wives and my nieces n nephews my bro for life Dorian Newman aka Cannon Fonzereli my labelmate Brandon Powell aka KemoSabe my manager Lawrence Miller II my CEO and his Wife Jody and Tenisha Brown the whole Smart Mouth Records Team and Black Star Bullies Squad and all my FANS also Shoutout to all the haters because yall motive me to go harder every day

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