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The Grynd Report interviews Kia Rap Princess @KiaRapPrincess

What’s going on? Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you are from.
What it do Mystic and readers around the World ! I am Kia Rap Princess aka KRP ,The lit femcee out of MKE☺

How did you get started in music?
My grandma taught me how to play piano at an early age and my mother was a music lover ranging from classic r&b to smooth jazz. So I guess I got my love for music through them. I was introduced to hip hop when I was a teenager and started my own musical journey when I was 16. A local Dj by the name of Homer Blow played my first record on the radio (860 wnov) when I was 17 and I chose a musical path ever since.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a female in the music industry?
I’ve faced many but the main barrier has been people judging my appearance and vocality in regards to how I may “fit in” as a “female rapper” in the industry . Growing up the women I admired the most in the industry were artist like Missy, Da Brat, Mc Lyte , Monie Love, and Queen Latifah. All different, Unique and powerful in their message and wjo they were. My main focus is to stay who I am and Stand out. My voice is naturally alto and I’ve always been a bit tomboyish lol. But I’m comfortable with who I am , and don’t plan to change for anybody or fame. I rather be and stay DOPE.

How did you come up with your name?
My name is Nekia but everyone calls me Kia for Short. The “Rap Princess” came from spitting as a youngin’ and dominating the boys in rap battles around the way so it stuck with me. I go by KRP now for short but its all the same.

Tell us about your new single ‘Precision’ and where it’s available.
This record was actually the last one to make the album. I really wanted to have a intro into the album but still something that webt hard and caught the listeners attention. When I heard the Track I knew it was it, just started mumbling out the rhythm and Bam! #Precision lol. Very fun record, something for the streets and the clubs. It is currently on my latest Lp #DYKE (DoYouKeepElevating) wjich available every where digitally.(Go Get
That -> https://fanlink.to/DYKE )

What’s your definition of Grynd?
Giving your all to your craft, your growth, your life. You aint got time for the bs or the cap ’cause you so focused on getting to it whether that’s a goal or a dream, you tunnel vision until you get there.
Yea, thats about it (lol)

What’s next for Kia Rap Princess?
Definitely expect more videos for the 2 projects I got out currently(#BestOfBothWorlds feat KayLeeCrossfire & DYKE Lp) , planning a tour for 2019 (tba) and also more success. From shows to media write ups to Hearing my latest record on your favorite platform. Every year I’m trying to top my previous year. Every year I’m trying to elevate.

Where can we follow you online?
Follow me on Ig @IamKiaRapPrincess on Twitter @KiaRapPrincess. Be sure to like my fan page on Facebook (iamKiaRapprincess). And also check out my latest lp at https://fanlink.to/DYKE .

Any S/O’s?
I want to shout out
G-O-D for always holding it down. My angel in heaven my Mother Theresa Fisher and All my family and close friends for their Support. All the producers who’ve been on my last couple of releases like BigHeadOntheBeat, Blasian Beats and also Lexi Banks. Thankyou for your art and production that helped formulate the new KRP Sound. S/O to All the Djs , FM and internet radio stations for spinning my records on your platforms around the world. S/O My PR and people like Tampa Mystic for what they do behind the scenes. And of course All of my fans across the world , y’all are the Bomb dot com.
I’m dedicating this to all of my loved ones and friends who I lost along this journey, My mother& father (2014/2016) , my cousin Quan (Aug 2018) and Also my Uncle James who just passed (Dec 2018) . I love yall and I promise to keep going no matter what, keep watching over me. Amen.

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