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The Grynd Report interviews Haze O.P.C

Thank you for taking time with us Haze O.P.C, please introduce yourself to our readers.
I’m a hard working businessman from Kinston, North Carolina and the founder/CEO of Official PaperChaser Records.

Who or what influenced you to get started in Music?
I was always drawn towards music it’s my passion and something that been with me since birth. I just want to make a positive impact in people lives. By telling my story of things I been through and experienced so far in life, I believe I can help alot of people see the light in darkness. By giving them hope, inspiration, and motivation. That’s what influenced me the most I believe you can heal and help people overcome through music by giving testimony.

This music business can be tough, what keeps you motivated to keep pushing?
My kids and family keep me motivated. With the hopes of being able to leave them something to lean on and give them more options and better opportunities in the future. By them seeing me work hard and not giving up it will inspire them and whomever else watching to do whatever they heart lead them to do. Be fearless even if you stumble, fall are get disappointed keep fighting, keep moving and pushing while breaking barriers defying all odds.

Tell us about your new single Bad Habits and where it’s available?
My new single Bad Habits is basically based off of the concept that you can’t expect new things are different results doing the same things.You have to let go of what don’t serves you anymore. In order to do better you have to better yourself and sometimes cut off things and people that’s hindering us. And the single is delivered in perfect time because it’s autumn, just as the trees let go of it’s old leaves we must let go of some old things also. The single can be found on datpiff off the mixtape LifeIzWhatUMakeIt by Official Paper Chasers.

What’s your goals musically for 2019?
If it’s the LORD will my plans and goals are simple. To make my record company a household respected brand and help as many people as possible. I believe to whom much is given a lot is required so with that said open up things in the Carolina’s because it’s a lot of talent here and we’re overlooked in so many ways but yet we influenced the culture with some of the biggest names from leaders, activist, sportsman, actors and so on

Give us 3 words that describe you as an artist?
I’m Original. I’m Able. I’m Different

Where can people follow you online?
Instagram @king_john_opc

Any Shout outs?
My GOD JEHOVAH JIREH and My LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. My children and their mothers, my parents, sisters, nieces, nephews, and the rest of my family and supporters I Love You All. Special shout out to Silence and A.J. And to all my people that’s locked up your out of sight but never out of mind keep y’all head up, they can try to separate us but can’t tear us apart. Shout out to everybody that’s on they grind and out here getting it however to make their dreams comes true and thanks to any and everybody that helping out us independent artist to be heard. Stay humbled and prepared until next time peace and blessings to all.

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