The Grynd Report interviews artist Parris Newera! @parris_newera

What’s going on? Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.
To those who don’t know yet, I’m Parris Newera. I’m an artist, singer, songwriter, and business owner amongst other things raised in Lexington, Kentucky.

What was life like growing up in your city?
My city isn’t exactly what you would call a big metro city, it’s more of an upcoming smaller town. So for me growing up basically consisted of a lot of goal and dream chasing. That’s what I would put most of my energy into.

What made you decide music was your passion?
I look at it more as if music chose me. Once I started creating music I fell in love with it. It’s always been therapeutic for me as an outlet. Over time I got more creative and realized how many things musically I actually CAN do. And do well.

Growing up which artists could we catch you listening to?
Growing up you could catch me listening to anything from Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, T.I, a lot of old school R&B and anything in between. I’ve always been open to all genres of music. I just enjoy good music.

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.
Right now we’re pushing the single “On Top” which is the first release off my “Access Granted 2” project! It’s available on all major streaming platforms.

What are some of your goals musically for 2019?
My main goal musically this year is to basically breakthrough in a way I haven’t yet to this point and to continue to move forward. I also want to connect more and develop the right partnerships to take it to this next level.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?
I actually put most of my energy into my game plan for my music career. I’m getting into movies, commercials and more. Also, launching a new clothing line.

What’s your definition of Grynd?
To me it means going after what you want in life relentlessly. Everything can be figured out. So that’s what I do. Make things happen.

Where can we keep up with you online?
I’m on all social media platforms (@parris_newera) my official website will also be launching this year!

Any S/O’s?
Shout out to everybody who believes in what I have going on and shows that! Also, shout out to everyone who doubted! It’s all love! The motivation is great fuel for me.

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