Splurge Music Group Redefines Mississippi Music Scene, Let The Takeover Begin!

By Derrius Edwards – @rawcommnc

You can’t spell Mississippi without an “S” or “M”, and you can’t splurge without acknowledging SMTLow & SMRicco. These two cousins from Starksville, Mississippi have the internet going crazy in releasing their hit single “Cash Talk” produced by Atlanta powerhouse tandem Nard & B. They have been working on releasing their forthcoming project entitled “Splurge 2”.

In this over-the-phone interview we caught up with SMTLow and SMRicco for a look at what’s next in their music career.

Q: What is Splurge Music Group? 

A: SMTLow : We came up with a lingo one day, “splurge” and it’s actually a lifestyle, a way of living. We stuck with it and made our own group and just been working ever since.

Q: Where are you from? 

A: SMTLow: Starksville, Mississippi

SMRicco : …sipp made (haha).

Q: What is that exactly (sipp made)? 

A: SMRicco: When you from Mississippi you sipp made, you from down South. You built from the ground up.

Q :What inspires your creativity?  

A: SMTLow – Different ways to come on the beat. Having nitty-gritty bars and then Ricco coming in with the different wave of sounds.

Q: How do you decide who gets the first verse? 

A: SMRicco – I usually get the words together, lay it down, and just make magic. Put on the headphones and zone out.

Q: What was it like growing up in Mississippi? 

A: SMRicco – Where we from, we had to work for everything that we want.

SMTLow – We not spoon fed. You got to grind hard for what you want. You got to stand out, because everyone else tryna stand out. It’s like people be hating on you where you from and when you go out of town they show you more love.

SMRicco – Yeah, it’s like you facing adversity every day, you gotta overcome that.

Q: Talk to me about your new music 

A: SMTLow – Our first single, “Cash Talk”, we went out of town to Atlanta and shot the video, out now on all platforms. We got the new single wit Quando Rondo called, “Statements” out now. And the mixtape on the way “Splurge 2”. Wop from Trey Pound, Quando Rondo, Worl1General from Atlanta and more. It’s gone be big, I can tell ya that.

Q: Any noticeable differences between the music scene in Atlanta and Mississippi? 

A: SMTLow–The music scene in Mississippi is hard when you don’t have a team on the same page as you, tryna accomplish the same goals. In Atlanta its more people tryna do the same thing and focus on the same thing, helping each other out more.

SMRicco – When you down here (Mississippi) and you get a lil’ fame, they start to look at you different. But when you up there (Atlanta) and you famous or whatever, they don’t act no different. They more humble.

I’m just ready to be global and explore different cities, we tired of being local (haha).

Q: Any upcoming performances?  

A: SMRicco – When Splurge 2 drop, that’s when you will see more upcoming shows.

Q: Anyone in the music industry you looking forward to working with?

A: SMTLow – We looking forward to a track with the Splurge Bro’s and YFN Lucci. That’s coming period.

SMRicco – Definitely want to do something with the Migos, they on the list. But we definitely want to work with up and coming artist and people in the game.

Q: Do you feel like clout is a necessity?

A: SMTLow – Honestly, everyone has some clout. It ain’t really a bad thing, because when you tryna get your fans up, you can’t really blame nobody for that. The other way, in downing somebody else to bring yo name up, I don’t agree with that.

SMRicco – For a fan base it’s cool, just don’t overdo it.

Q: Any closing remarks? 

A: Follow our IG page: @SMTLow and SMRicco for all updates and new music, get that Splurge 2 when it drop.


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