Schoolhouse Rock Meets Hip-Hop: Grammy Nominated Rap-Producer Rekindles the Legacy of Bob Dorough



Just as Bob Dorough passed away this week, his “I’m Just a Bill” received another few decades of life thanks to Multi-Platinum, Grammy Nominated Producer Kevin “Khao” Cates who has written a sequel to “I’m Just a Bill” in the catchy Hip-Hop style from the multi-billion dollar play “Hamilton”, which has millions of kids grandstanding their parents with their knowledge of history after having memorized 2 hours of hip hop Hamiltonian history word-for-word. 


What Is Koolriculum


KOOLriculum reinforces retention by providing students with multiple opportunities to retain and comprehend information using visual, auditory and kinesthetic (hands-on) activities.




KOOLriculum’s content is organized by subject area and topic. The subjects include: English, mathematics, social studies and science.

Each topic contains a definition, examples of “how it works” in everyday life, as well as interactive activities sponsored by Khan Academy.


Students click on the desired topic link and view the corresponding music video.


Students are provided with a definition of the topic as well as examples of “how

it works” in everyday life. 


Students complete interactive activities for each topic area


KOOLriculumTM has in excess of over 600 songs & video’s from Pre K-12 grade covering every educational topic, and is aligned to the national and state standards and a partner of Khan Academy, as featured on 60 Minutes and funded by Bill Gates.


Bruce Nathan “Florida’s Donald Trump” and candidate for Governor has pledged to implement KOOLriculum statewide, to help reverse the shameful K-12 #40 ranking for 2018 (U.S. News). Watch full interview with Kevin Khao Cates here… Click To Watch



Here we have videos of a couple of our students with remarkable results. Both 5 yrs , reading on level s way above their grade and age! We are so proud to share them and their story with you!


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