New Grynd Exclusive Interview with Blaise @garmxin

1. Blaise thanks for spending time with us. Give us a background of where you are from?

My name is Germain-Blaise Nkede. I am a rapper and a singer from Largo, Maryland.

2. Explain what it was like growing up in your city?

The city of Largo is a small area. I attended Perrywood Elementary School, Kettering Middle School, and finally Largo High School. The schools were less than 5-10 minutes apart from each other, which signifies how small the area is. The people I went to elementary school with ended up graduating with me in high school. As a kid, I always wanted to move to a larger city, but I found Largo to be a blessing in disguise. I made relationships with everyone I went to school with and many of these relationships have grown into bonds that can’t be broken. Largo is a predominantly African-American area and this had a profound effect on the style of the people who live there. We wear certain types of clothes, we rocked our hair a certain type of way, and most of us listened to Trap Music. Additionally, Q Da Fool is a renowned artist in Largo. I watched how he went from a local artist to having a label deal with Roc Nation. His success brings me joy and inspiration because it means that it’s possible for me to make it big as well.

3. What inspired you to get into the music business?

I have always listened to music; however, I did not truly appreciate it until I was about thirteen years old. One of my best friends, Duran Winters, introduced me to the art of rapping. I quickly discovered my love for making lyrics and we would constantly freestyle and write songs in class together. When I turned 15, I decided to push myself to my limits and competed at a local talent show and perform in a couple of open mics at my school. Thus, my love for rapping continued to increase. At 17, I took a leave of absence from making music because I felt that I wasn’t making any real improvement. However, once I started to experience hardships in my life, I decided to give rapping another try. I was never the type to express myself to people because I felt that they could care less about my problems. Therefore, I let music become my outlet. I didn’t take singing seriously until I was eighteen years old. I sang the chorus to “Better Off” featuring Syko (Duran’s artist name). He kept praising me, telling me that I have potential in my vocals. That lead me to begin singing in more of my songs. Even though I more confident in my singing today, I know I need to improve.

4. Define your style. What do you want fans to hear when they listen to your music?

I combine singing and rapping in my music. I want to reach to all types of people, so I work diligently to perfect my singing and rapping skills. I want fans to feel my passion in every song I release. Every song I release has a purpose. When I sing or rap, it’s to inform my fans about heartbreaks, staying motivated, and many more topics.

5. What music are you currently pushing or working on?

On March 11, my birthday, I released a single called “The Rules.” This song is a part of the debut album that I am working on. My current goal is to finish and release my debut album before the end of the year.

6. Who would you say influenced you in the music business and why?

As an adolescent, I would listen to many different artists and pay attention to the unique styles each one possessed. These artists inspired me to make my own style of music. One artist that inspired me and that is distinguishable from anyone else is Eminem. Eminem’s ability to tell stories through his music and his unorthodox flow captivated me, and I hope to emulate that to a certain degree in my music. Another artist that has a profound effect on my creativity is Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne has dominated the music industry for years through his ability to adapt to every environment. For instance, Lil Wayne has music that people can listen to in the club or when they’re relaxing. This directly correlates to the type of effect I would like my music to embody. I do not want my music to just be one-dimensional. Another artist that has influenced me is Tory Lanez. Tory Lanez has established himself as not only a phenomenal singer, but also as a lyrical rapper. I want people to recognize me as a versatile artist who is not afraid to mix up his style. Additionally, I want to reach out to different platforms and influence a wide range of audiences such as the great Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Tory Lanez has done before me.

7.What was the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this business?

The biggest lesson I learned in this music business is that you must stay on top of your game, consistency is truly the key. You cannot compare yourself to other artists. Everyone has their own journey, and you must embrace that fact. There will be times when you receive absolutely zero love from anyone, including your loved ones. You must be your biggest believer. You have to love doing this and do not ever stop until you make it.

8. What is your definition of Grynd?

Grynd is how someone hustles for what they want. No one ever said that life is easy. If you want something, you must work for it and pray that you’ll get it one day.

9. Where can we find you on social media?

Music Page On Instagram:
Personal Page On Instagram:
My music is available on all digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

10. Any Shout outs?

First and foremost, shout out to the almighty Father for blessing me with these musical gifts. I pray he guides me to unleash my full potential. Furthermore, shout out to all of my beautiful fans and haters. I would be nothing without them truly.

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