Hot Producer Feature- Music Mystro @MusicMystro

The Grynd Report sits down with Grammy Nominated Producer, DJ, Engineer Music Mystro for an Exclusive Interview.

What’s good Mystro? In a few words tell us what’s been going with you musically in the last year.

Within That Last Year…. I Been Producing Joints But I been Flying Low Key Under The Radar! I also did a lot of Touring with Coast2Coast as well DJing they’re Shows.. I been keeping busy

For those who don’t know. Tell us some of the artist you have already produced for and what those placements felt like.

DipSet, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige, Fat Joe, Black Sheep Dres, The Clips just to name a few! Those Placements was Progress to me! It Told me that Im actually Good and not wasting my time because some family members clearly didn’t understand nor seen the vision!

We know that you have judged a lot of artists and producer showcases. What do you think about the talent now verses when you were coming up?

The Talent Now SUCKS!!!!!!!Im from a point and time where if you sounded like the next man or was Jacking the Next Nigga Style, You got Beat up or Dissed and you couldn’t do much about it. It was a Code… But today, theres no shame in being a copy cat! EVERYBODY SOUNDS THE SAME! Its Boring!

What are some of the common mistakes you see with a new producer?

Not Knowing their Worth! Not Knowing the Business! Not Thinking Smart! Giving away free beats, or selling beats for nothing and not knowing about what you can get on the back end with is actually more than your upfront sales!

When a artist comes to you for a beat what are you looking for in that artist that makes you want to work with them?

They just have to straight up catch my attention! They have to catch My Ear!… Its Hard to do that because I’m not moved by everything! Im looking for a uniqueness like no other.. Not sounding like anybody, not copying whats hot now.. some body who is not afraid to stand out!

What is your definition of Grynd?

Staying on top of your game until you reach your goal, and when you reach you goal, push your goal to the limit!

If a artist or producer wanted to be successful in this business what are some of the basic things they must have?


Who are you working with now?

Im Pretty Much Working with D.I.T.C artist like Fisher, David Bars, Tay Bell, O.C, Fat Joe and a lot Others
Doing some Movie scores and Background music!
Also working with the Usuals Like Naza Da Great and CALI bUDD.
working on Ali Caldwell my project as well… i produced The first Single HEARTBEAT on the EP Heart Of Ballards
Also working with This dope Up n Coming Producer and Rapper Rick Belfort!

What’s next for Music Mystro outside of production?

Anything outside of productions Falls into my personal life so ill just say Live Life to the fullest and make the best of the situations I have put in front of me!

Shout outs To Grynd, D.I.T.C. Showbiz, Buckwild, JayBee, O2 tomorrow Media, Evan Brown, Fleet DJs and Coast 2 Coast!

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